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Monday, February 7, 2011

Samson Oti Agha: The New Face of Nigeria

I am not a fan of soccer. I've never loved it. I still don't. I get boosebumps when I see everyone whimpering because of some European League match or something. I have never seen a famous soccer star and felt the way I feel when I see music or film stars. For me, they are just there. Nothing special, really.

However, Samson Oti Agha left a different impression on me when I met him in Delhi in the middle of last year. At first, I had my doubt, till it dawned on me that they are very genuine Nigerians in India. Those ones who are genuine are cynical of others and those who are not, are also cynical about those who have actually set out to be good citizens of this nation that has touted itself as a country of rogues.

I spoke with Samson and realised he is very focused. He has his mind set on becoming one of the highest footballers. He has tall dreams, which won't crash in Delhi, because his plans to dominate are very encouraging. What I found more compelling about him is the fact that he knows where he is heading to and knows the rules to get there. He believes in humanity too, which is a good thing. Nevertheless, it is envisioned that he faces racism in a country that internally has issues to sort out. All that can be left aside as he is sure to break records.

He is a soccer star! I did notice that later. But his calm nature bellies everything. He has been widely written about in the Indian media, controversially dominating the football teams in the North East.

Samson may not be dreaming about coming to play in Nigeria, but I'm very sure he's set on conquering the European teams too, like other Nigerian footballers...


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Samson you are a star a very unique star..keep what you are doing..i wish you all the best and sucess in will always be a very dear to me..