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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Confession: What D'Banj did to me...

I get easily impressed with what D'Banj does, but these days, it's no more working. Yes, the Mr. Endowed remix has US great musical star, Snoop Dogg, but that is where the big thing ends. I understand how easy it is to surprise Nigerians. You know what? I think the world is like that, but I am hundred percent sure that people in the US are not particularly moved by Snoop featuring some Nigerian musician in a song. Look, the US media won't be enthusiastic writing about the collaboration, because for them, this is some obscure Nigerian artiste that Snoop wants to HELP. Gawdaamit! We don't need help.

So, I watch the video and there is nothing special about it. It is amazingly predictable. I am not saying music videos should be arty and all rowdy serious, but Sesan Ogunro, the dude that directs all videos of the MoHits guys lacks concept and some ideas. I'm sure he rarely has time to sit down and read a newspaper, which is why he thinks in one direction: get the camera, take shots of a big house, a pool, half-dressed women, get D'Banj to wear something fashionable and do the same dance steps and then get Don Jazzy to stand around, with the MoHit kids in the background and snap snap, camera action, then speaker TALK! He gets back to the studio and if Final Cut is available, he clips the shots together and here we have the video. This is what happens to the collaboration with Snoop. Look, that video is CRAP!

If they wanted to surprise me, something better should have been done. If they wanted to make their presence known to the world stage with a Nigerian music video director, I would have recommened Clarence Peters, whose ideas are far more intelligent and mind-blowing. He has time to think, not because he's busy, but he's a bit of a recluse and his camera angles are wonderful. Sharp.

The thing about women making themselves some sort of commodities in music videos is appalling. That scene with the girl in the bathtub with dollar bills all over her could have made a better scene in Slumdog Millionaire. Yes, the colour of the cinematography is cool, yeah? But what is the whole concept about? The song? Snoop holding a Nigerian passport? Those things are for clueless people, who know nothing about breaking into the world. Maybe I'm wrong, but pandering to Snoop than our very own 2Face Idibia is a bit stupid, as we always want to think we are right when we get AMERICANS involved.

But at the long last, I'm still a huge fan of D'Banj and I will keep respecting him. But gawdblessyou, get a new music video director that can set you right. Sesan is outdated and completely wacky!

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