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Monday, April 25, 2011

Ricoslim - Dream ft Samklef (OFFICIAL VIDEO) AJEfilms/Samklef production

Rico Slim was in my office today. We talked about his career. He is a smart artiste. He knows what he wants. However, I think anyone would mistake his humility for lack of confidence in his art. I'm beginning to believe that there are more younger people out there shaking their worlds, but it's still difficult to hear their voices.

I've always been a fan of SamKlef, especially the single, Labalaba with Skales. And you can always feel the freshness surrounding these guys.

The lyrics will definitely help you.




Samklef on the song

Yes, u know.......

Yo!, dreams

Yeah, ok.


I have a dream

Matter of fact I have two dreams

Cos I am a happy boy

Never have mood swings

But the industry will wanna make you do things

The truth is I never let go of my


Yeah, straight from my heart mehn!

Bad belle dem, Baba God pass dem

Cos I’m the future and they are like past tense

I never see them, I only see my


Yes na I go dey dream on

Cos they are ups and downs like a see-saw

But free ya’ll cos me i go dey move on

Coz one day I’mma fly like a G4


Yes, till I see more

I go write more songs I go flow more

Coz I have these dreams and I’m so sure

Yes I’m so sure, that one day my..............


Dreams oh!

Sey someday one day

gbo gbo wa ma so ri re (3x)

Ajo ma ko ile mole

Ajo ma lowo lowo

Ajo ma ko ile mole

Ajo ma so rire


I always used to have big dreams of performing on a stage

And they be talking millions when they wanna pay mehn

Cos I’m sick with the flow like a patient

So I’m praying


See I wanna fly high like a plane

And have more hits than Don Baba Jay mehn (Yeah)

And maybe money and fame mehn

So everybody will be calling my name mehn,...

CHILL, what if I have all these

Will it make me happy at least?

But at least I’d be happy cos I getting all the cheese,

So I get down on ma knees, coz my life is on lease

You see?.So me I’mma live life

It’s a free world Jehovah gives life

Keep my eyes on the point like a stiff knife

So the day it’s all over, I’mma see Christ



Every time I sleep it’s all I see

(i see my dreams)

No matter how them try they can’t stop me

(No, no!)

Make no body tell you sey you nor fit make am, lai lai!!

Make nobody tell you sey, yeah ah!

Oni so rire, yeah ah!!!

Oh, oh, oh, dreams!

No no!!!

Oh oh oh dreams!

Gbo gbo wa ma so ri re!

Oh oh oh oh!

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