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Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Figurine is back in town!

I went to LTV, Ikeja today to see The Figurine, directed by Kunle Afolayan again. This would be the second time I'll be seeing it. I will still see it tomorrow by 12pm and then I will go back to the office.

Truth is, I'm a religious fan of Kunle Afolayan. Yes, I keep thinking about his first film, Irapada, but the truth is that The Figurine is a refined story. It is that story that each character sticks to your heart, after seeing it. Each detail is paid attention to. Are there hitches? I didn't notice them. I paid rapt attention, studying the film like a piece of art. I tried to decipher what makes this story timeless. And I realised it's because of the passion that went into the making of the film and how excited the screenwriters would have felt when they knew they were going to revive Nollywood.

My favourite character in The Figurine is Linda Chukwu, played by the amiable
Funlola Aofiyebi-Raimi. She is smart, funny and above all, that character has a sweet charisma. More of such should be recreated in our cinema. The thing is that no matter how jovial and carefree she pretends to be, she is actually the most emotional in the film. What happens to her at the end is what will amaze you.

The Figurine is still showing tomorrow at LTV, Ikeja, by 12pm and 3pm, so please go see it before you become the last to and it will not augur well with you...

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