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Thursday, April 28, 2011

BLUES & HILLS Launches tonight...

I'm launching BLUES & HILLS Consultancy's website tonight.

BLUES & HILLS has been struggling to develop itself into a brand which will champion the management, representation and appreciation of the arts. With the vision to be at the forefront of arts consultancy in Nigeria, B & H will recruit young writers, musicians, visual artists, filmmakers, photographers and designers and represent them professionally, helping them curb the stress of image making and publicity surrounding their works. This is to help the young artist succeed in his career, in a very competitive society.

The vision behind the recruitment is to find ways to market these talents, throw them into the consciousness of the people and envisage them being successful and happy people in their chosen careers. This is an extraordinary feat as most artists in Africa work their way through, without managers and agents and this in a way hinders them from achieving more. It is hoped that B & H will help make things easy for them, as the brand will be accepted all over the world.

We are interested in your success as an artist.

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