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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Jude Dibia and new book

Jude Dibia, one of the most celebrated authors in Nigeria is coming out with a third book. He has written Walking with Shadows and Unbridled. Two novels I enjoyed, but I will always go for Walking with Shadows, simply because it opened channels of debate over humanity. For those who know Unbridled, we all think it was written by a woman. The voice is convincingly drawn out and it irritates me when the author goes out to read from it. Ha, ha ha. Yes o, because that is a woman's voice he's trying to read from.

His new book, Blackbird is out in April. I can't wait to read it. Personally, Jude is one author I admire a lot. Not only is he kind, he is very supportive of other talents and has done a lot for a lot of young people. Infact, we had a writing group which he facilitated and ran. He was busy, but he spared a lot of time with members of the group and most of us learned to write well through him.

You must get your copy of Jude's new book, please. He doesn't fall the hands of his fans and readers. Even the critics tend to find new ways to tackle his works, because they are daringly unsentimental. He writes about life as though he created it. He knows it well. Like a philosopher.

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Hansda Sowvendra Shekhar said...

Jude Dibia: I'll remember the name. By the way, the cover is fabulous. A high-heel shoe shot with the feathers of a black bird. Thanks for the recommendation.