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Monday, January 31, 2011


I turned 23 today.

The day started a bit disheartening. Eromo knows why. I was already freaking out. But everything got sorted out later, so I was off with the BRT to Ikoyi to meet up with J.O.E and Suranu, who were waiting for me at Bogobiri. We were supposed to go to the SoundCity office in Lekki.

I came late and I was really apologetic.

We had issues with the ATMs and later we were off to Lekki.

It was easy to get to see who went to see at the SoundCity office. The guys at the company are real nice guys with hearts of gold. I had a nice conversation with them and later we went to Inspiration FM to meet Wana Udobang. Lovely lady. Wish I had known her earlier on, before anything could happen, because I'm sure a lot of men have developed deep interest in her. She is classy and brilliant. You can't mess around with such woman, see?

When we left Inspiration FM, we headed for E-Centre at Sabo. We got stuck in the traffic and I slept off and I really hate sleeping in cars, especially public cars, but I still do it and I embarrass myself with the thoughts that race through my head because of me.

We had a blast at Griller's Bar inside the E-Centre premises and had lots of debate, and yes, on RELIGION. The hot topic and it ended well. The night went well.

However, the good news that came in the morning is this: I'm the Writer-in-Residence at the Centre for Research in Art of Film & TV, Delhi. I will be teaching creative writing and film direction there for 2 weeks. It will be a great honour for me, really. It will.

Thank you India for making me feel good.

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Hansda Sowvendra Shekhar said...

Namaste, Onyeka. Happy birthday, once again. And congrats. Welcome back to India. Keep us posted :-)