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Monday, June 18, 2012

An Open Letter to Muslims in Nigeria

Dear Muslims,

I didn’t think before writing this letter to you. I will not apologise for anything I say here, either. For so many times now, I’ve kept quiet. I have been silent over things I should scream about. I was quieted, not because I am not fit for your violence, but because I know nothing about your religion of ‘peace.’ I do not sincerely understand the concept of peace you all claim to have. What I’ve realized from your Way of Life, is the mentality of going against anyone that doesn’t agree with you. It is distasteful that you have chosen to unleash terror and fear upon Christians in Nigeria every Sunday. This has become a tradition and when things turn ritualistic, they begin to bug me. I am very troubled, dear Muslims.

You are very good at inflicting fears into the souls of people. You are also very quick at calling your religion a religion of peace. You are very good at calling anyone that does not buy your ideology, an infidel.

I am not a Christian and will never be. Yet, I do not believe these gentle and sober Christians deserve all these bombs you throw at them every Sunday in Nigeria. I used to think that all of you worship the same God? Now I know better. I assume your God is a very sadistic one, who pardons you when you spill the blood of an infidel? For just yesterday, jokingly, I made a prediction to a friend that there would be another bombing today. Just look at it, more lives have been wasted, for no reason.

People think I’m a ridiculous person by calling on Christians to take up arms against you Muslims in Nigeria. Someone will suggest I be tried for saying such.  Yet, I stand by what I say. I have seen unseen fears in the eyes of Christians. The kind of fear I saw in my aunt’s eyes last Sunday in Lagos troubled me. When will you stop this nonsense? I have also got to a point in my life where no one will be able to deceive me and say these bombings are not religiously motivated. There are no political detractors involved. This is a state of total religious repression.

I will not blame you for bombing churches. I will blame it on how delusional all you religious people are. It is laughable that a Christian would suggest that ‘Jesus Christ doesn’t want Christians to retaliate.’ It is as laughable as any stupid thing anyone would say. I am not writing you to beg you to stop bombing churches; I am only asking that you abstain from killing Christians. If you want to make a caricature of Christendom, there is another way to do that. If you want to show Christians how violent and religiously fanatic you are, there is also another way to do that. To bomb churches on Sunday and kill these innocent, demented and delusional people who are under the cover of their Unseen God? I do not agree. I do not favour you on that. I do not respect any of your ‘peace’ balderdash.

If there is a political war, we’d know. This has nothing to do with politics. It is about you Muslims trying to overshadow the Christians and make them understand how more powerful you are. But it is a shame that you do all these things for your God. I pity your God, the bloodthirsty King who sits on the throne in the clouds, like a pervert and watch the world destroy itself. The world that you presume he created? How strange!

May the souls you have wasted already, please rest in peace, while I urge Christians to come out, prepared, with violence for violence.


Onyeka Nwelue


Anonymous said... is very possible that many people will read and not comment...but the greatest philosophy of all is that two wrongs can never make a right, regardless of the inspiration and reasons behind the bombings. - Ekene

Anonymous said...

Africa union failed intervention or hesitation in its intervention in Libya, Cote Ivoire,etc. and sub-regional body in west Africa- ECO WAS' handling of the Mali and guinea Bissau, the tranquility in Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt( due to the yet to be drafted constitution and victory of the Muslim brotherhood alongside with the continuous protests by revolutionaries on the continuation....verdicts of the militarily council court on the trial of mubarak ,his son and those involved in crimes humanity during the revolting, Libya(possible break away along regional lines ), boko haran menace and sporadic killing in many part of the northern my opinions....your suggestions and critical opinions is welcome.

Iquo Eke said...

Hmmmmm..... Vitriolic comes to mind, then again I know that when push comes to shove, and one is at their wits end; anything can happen.
But consider that the mad men carrying out all this violence do not represent the totality of Muslims or even the wishes of the majority.
These people just represent the embodiment of the extent to which Nigeria's failure as a state has come alive, and alas! has come upon us.

jenny koko said...

Wow I love your words I wish other writers could be like you but its sad that they are all afraid keep it up bro

Anonymous said...

Officially fed up!
Have had it up to here!
they should retaliate already!

Anonymous said...

If you are in Nigeria may be you can understand what this is all about. Do you realise we have muslims in all part of Nigeria and not only in the North. Don't you a friend or relative as a muslim? Why are they not violent? These people are not Muslims they only bear it by names because Islam does not preach violence. Remember we have been living together ever since and there has been no problem, WHY NOW?. Do you realise that each time there is bombing all what Govt says is WE ARE SORRY, (WE SHALL BRING ALL THESE PEOPLE TO BOOK) since 2009. All I know is very soon Allah will reveal all evil people behind this. Dear Onyeka, remember 2 wrongs can never make a right, let's pray for a peaceful nation.I am a muslim and am proud to be one. I am not in support of the bombing everyday likewise all real muslims and we believe they are bastards. I also pray all souls gone through this rest in peace. But I know this is political. They call them small sect and yet they can't handle them. We pray for a peaceful nation.

oloidifemi said...

My Letter to Boko Madams!

Rear retards,

I thought with all propensities, before writing this letter to you my humble retards, and it’s unfortunate, that I need an apology from the world, for letting me exist together with beings full of robot minded despicable controversies. @jenny koko, I love your statement! Yes, most African writers are just mere cosmetic writers; they are so ripely frightened up and fried up in their bold and truthful words. This has caged their glowing ideology, and overheated it inside the bonnet of their minds. @ Iquo Eke, it is true that all the violence does not represent the totality of Muslims, but come to think of it, if someone goes to the toilet and defecates, without flushing, and comes back 7hours later and everywhere smells like death. Who do you blame, the toilet or the person? Let's be truthful about this, I know must Muslim’s come out plain to tell you that they don't feel or believe in being supper better and religious than Christians. But sincerely, I have a multitude of Muslim friends, that when they talk about religion, you get crumpled and decomposed in thoughts, even also Christian’s. I could remember one pastor preaching in a Lagos bus one day, only God knows; that I almost jumped out of the window. This is why I don't fanatically believe in Christian, Muslim mumble-jumbos!!!
We are the truth of our very selves and only you in you, can lead you to the paradise of your golden world.

It is high time, we boldly unveil the truth which is befalling and causing all this muddy religious calamities.
Let me be truthfully blunt for a while, let's view and check it from this angle, with this numerous questions, I have in mind:
1) The so-called shallow minded and barbaric Boko my ass should have a rethink and reasons from another angle for ones. The epidemic over-caustic titled rich fools, that portray themselves as gods, using the senseless suicide bombers to explosively execute their disdained plans, are quit a little bit grouchily sensible than their mental Boko slaves. This is because, they send their own children and nephew's to a safe place abroad, to school and get well acquainted with the modern world, while they utilise the punctured manned and uneducated imbeciles, with their imbecilic religious beliefs.
2) It is insensible, that these rich buffoons and violence perpetuators never blow up them selves. Because they sweetly eagerly believe and enjoy life to the end, but they preach otherwise to those they could deceive. For, if they really believe so much, and want to exhibit their love and adroit for their religious beliefs, then they could start their bombing explorations, with their fathers, mothers, wife and children and extended family, before extending to the cassava brained slaves.
3) It is obvious, that this is not a mere political or tribal fight, but a sufficient religious blood bath. I don't believe in violence, but as the case me be, this situation has graduated from low class of inscrutable and intolerable oppression, to a first class blood fight for god and rod. I no a tooth for tooth; will make the whole world toothless and rootless. This doesn't mean we should wait in absolute fear till we have no more teeth’s and voice to bark and bite back at our enemies. Something must rapidly be done; before we go toothless in spirits, soul, power and faith.
4) I have a strong feeling in me, that tells me that; one day very soon, the wind of shame and truth shall blow at once, and the pot bellied faces of the people behind this religious blood bath shall be reviled, and it will be to our shocking surprise, that it is people well respected and adored in our society that is behind this religious acrimonious butchering. Mark my words this day!

King Femi!
You could find me in Hell, because that where we all reside now! They are no more tickets to Heaven!

Emeka said...

Onyeka Onyelue is a sad caricature of a pseudo-intellectual. I can't believe a rational human being could write this unfortunate drivel. I want back all the 2 minutes of my life it took me to read this sorry excuse for a blog. Nonsense.

CM said...

1. You should address your open letter to Boko Haram or Jama'atu Ahlis Sunna Lidda'awati wal-Jihad, not to all Muslims in Nigeria. I'm surprised that you as a writer and an intellectual would make such a generalization. Or should I address this comment to Onyeka Nwelue and his fellow irreligious atheists Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot, Hoxha et al.?

2. By conflating all Muslims in Nigeria with terrorists who claim Islam, and then writing propaganda calling for violence against them, you risk making a Goebbels of yourself. I would urge you to instead contemplate the words of one of the greatest activists for justice of the 20th century, Martin Luther King Jr.: "I'm concerned about justice. I'm concerned about brotherhood. I'm concerned about truth. And when one is concerned about these, he can never advocate violence. For through violence you may murder a murderer but you can't murder murder. Through violence you may murder a liar but you can't establish truth. Through violence you may murder a hater, but you can't murder hate. Darkness cannot put out darkness. Only light can do that." -from 'Where Do We Go From Here?' (1967)

Anonymous said...

kedu? These are times that try men's souls in Naija. I am a Christian and unashamedly one but I am sick of the drivel BOTH christians and muslims spew in this country. Religion has made most people mad.
NOW, if the guys who claim to be our leaders cannot do their job, then christians must defend themselves. Too bad, but if muslims have jihad, the christians have the crusades1 But what scares me is that NAIJA WILL GO THE WAY OF THE DINOSAUR IF ALL OF US LOSE OUR REASON. I ADVOCATE PEACE BUT i WILL NOT SUPPORT BEING SLAUGHTERED IN MY BED SIMPLY COS i READ THE BIBLE, NOT THE QURAN.