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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Breathing in Barcelona

This very morning, I left Lisbon and was an EasyJet flight to Barcelona. Our flight departed by 11.45 and I got to Barcelona by 2.36, Spanish time. It was an enjoyable trip, I must say. There was enough comedy in there, as the passengers happened to be heart-warming people. I had the entire seats in my row to myself. I don't know why, but I felt everyone wanted me to have it all to myself. Nothing attached to that, really. And if there is, none of my business. So, the moment we touched down in Barcelona, I felt something reeling in the inside of me. I would say the only differences between Lisbon and Barcelona are: Obrigado and Gracias. That is to say, Thank you. In other things, the two cities resemble itself in its complexities and beauties. I love them both, but Lisbon has some magic yet. A big magic that I can't fathom to understand.

I'm in Barcelona to meet Anna Soler-Pont, the founder of Pontas Film & Literary Agency. We had been in touch for a very long time and this was getting interesting as we even signed a contract for her to represent me. Yet, the connection needed to be made solid.

Tomorrow, I am very excited that I will meet my agent in person. Lovely, ah?

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