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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Teaching at CRAFT

I have not been able to update the blog, because I got into Delhi on Monday morning and had to go straight to CRAFT from the airport.

I'm teaching direction at CRAFT and we are doing film adaptation at the moment, which is alien to the students. Yes, they have finished with the screenplaywriting module, but film adaptation is totally a new dimension to take. Now I am having difficulty connecting with them on that. It did appear to me on the first day that they were impressed with my teaching, but hey, they FELT 'adaptation' is of no relevance to them as directors.

I have 9 students in my direction class. Most of them are from Hyderabad. The only girl in the class is from Mumbai and there is a smart and inquisitive Nepali too, whose passion for photography made him think of going into filmmaking, but he thinks now that the way the techniques of filmmaking have been introduced to him, he is demoralised and feels that he should not have ever thought of going into it.

Good thing is that I've tried to connect with them.

My assignment yesterday was to 'adapt' the first chapter of The Abyssinian Boy into a 5 paged screenplay. But hey, only two people did the assignment. Others said they CAN'T do it, because it is DIFFICULT and I'm like, 'How then do you learn when you can't do simple assignment, no matter how difficult it appears to be?'

Surprisingly, some of my students have Master's. Isn't that cool? But then, what is more cooler is that ego is very prevalent in the class, but I'm very good at smashing them.

I will upload pictures from my class soon, to show the expressions on each faces.

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